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Second Opening of Death Note. L my hero! :P

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Almost no Time


I'm sorry, I hardly have any time to write. I will have a second job soon, so I'll be working from monday to saturday. The Job from monday to friday is in a school. Rather nice, I think I'll have a lot of fun there. We'll see.

 I so totally became a Death Note fan. The Anime, the movies and now also the Manga. Sadly, part two has to wait until next week (until I can buy it). Damn, I want a Death Note Shirt! But they also cost 25 Euro.

Death Note is about a guy named Light Yagami (I don't like him.) finds a note which claims that any name written in the note will make the person die, when you write down their name and have their face in your mind. Yagami Light uses this Death Note to execute criminals, so a other guy who works together with the FBI, Interpol etc.etc. is getting interested in what's happening and starts searching for Yagami, who is being called "Kira" (Standing for Killer). Everyone knows him under the Name "L" (Oh I absolutly adore L, really.)

You can really see that it's an intelligent anime, even though it has a fantasy story. Both, Light and L are in their way a genius (I still like L a lot more ). 

Right now I seem totally addicted to Death Note. Damn ^^ I need part two of the Mangaaaa!!!

Also, right now I am reading "Wicked". It explains how the wicked Witch of the East from the Wizard of Oz became wicked and why she had to be killed. Also how she got born, her whole life. It's funny and interesting, but still, I will be happy when I have finished the book. I want to reach my goal - reading a 100 books until the year ends.

I counted the amount of books I have allready read this year, and sadly, with Wicked, it's only 66 right now. But I guess that's much more than other people read. I sometimes even wonder how I found so much time to read all that. I'm still dreaming about Death Note. Ah. I want Part TWO buhu.


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Another one that fits

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Something, that fits very very good..

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Cindy went back home

So.. My friend from Austria was here for a couple of days. I showed her the places I usually go to, she wanted to see where I grew up, where I used to play, where I hang out when I am sad.

It was quite a lot of fun and I'm sad that she had to leave so early. If she had stayed here for another week, I guess I could have showed her everything of Frankfurt. Oh well. I never ate so often at Subways, lol. Kind of like it, though. Something else than all that fast food crap. Plus, she's a vegetarian, so I ate vegetarian food with her. Quite tasty, guess I could get used to it and I'll cook it more often. Kelly the vegetarian. Not a bad idea, I guess.

So the next few days I have to go to the jobcenter. I'm on the waiting list for the university, but just in case that they won't take me, I'll try to get another job to learn. Oh man, I always wanted to study and now suddenly I have to think of a Job that I want to learn. I have no idea. I guess something creative, or social. I have to wait what the guy at the Job Center tells me, but I hope I'll find something soon.

Hmm.. I don't know my life is kind of boring right now. Exept that I go outside a lot more often. I walk around, I wander. I don't know why I'm so restless, I'm like a cat. I can't sit still and mostly I'm outside to think about stuff.

But I started a new Author. To be Honest, I never read a word of him. I had the book for about a year, I never got interested, but now I decided to give him a try. Christian Jacq. He's not bad, but I only started yesterday so I only read about 200 pages or something.

So, I still have a lot to read. Over 60 books. Damn. But I'll make it. This year, I allready read almost 100. (That's a lot of books, people!)

Barbaras Birthday is getting nearer every day and I hope she will simply love her presents. I hope I won't start crying, like last year on her birthday. It's always that way. I'm depressed, I drink, first I'm happy, then in the end, I start crying. And it's still the god damn reason as last year and I don't understand why even after one whole year I just can't simply forget him.

Don't think about it Kelly.

Ah I know I'm not writing often enough anymore, but right now, there is nothing happening. Only that I mostly can't sleep well, I wander around. I just think too much And... My sister had her second daughter. I'm happy for her! I've seen pictures, and she really is cute!

Oh and now I do know something: Went to the PX today, with my eldest Sister Joy and her husband. I know I'm a american myself but most of the time I just can't help it: I simply roll my eyes when it comes to some americans. Paris Hilfton as a president? Oh come on, give me a break. What's going to happen to the White House, is it going to turn pink or what? Actually, maybe I don't even want to imagine. On MTV there are constantly shows with americans .... Oh man. I accidently flipped on MTV and there she was: New York. I mean ok, could you please show some intelligence?

It's the same with the PX. It's like americans hate Goths even more than germans and think we are all sooo bad. You just can't imagine how stupid they looked at me because I have 3 earrings on each side and totally black clothes with a Blind Guardian Jacket. It has a dragon on the back. They stared at me like I was dirt or something like that. Something bad. Can anyone explain this, please?

Only ONE guy was nice. He asked me how I was doing today and if I like the weather. Small talk. Argh. Honestly, I would love to know what's going on in their head. Everybody who really knows me, also knows my opinion when it comes to america. I have my reasons thinking that way. I don't know how often I had arguments with soldiers. When I went to the consulate for my new passport, I saw this one soldier who seemed pretty proud to wear his uniform. Right on the side this huge poster... "HAVE YOU SEEN THESE TERROISTS?" And he really gave me a nasty grin, that guy.

Wonder when I'll have the next argument with a soldier.

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News? Don't think so.

It's crazy, how much you think about in your life, how much you wish for, and how many things you don't get the way you would like to get them - or you don't get them at all.

Honestly, I've been thinking quite a lot these last few months. ANd now I also have to think of a present for a very very good friend of mine. Geez. It's hard to find something, honestly. It's pretty hard. I get the feeling I have to get her something really good, something brilliant! But I don't know what. Could kick myself. I had an idea, but it would take to long until they send it, and if I do it somewhere else...Heaven knows how much I pay then. I know it's her birthday, but I wanted to buy her other things, too, and that I probally can't when I do it that way. Crap. Damnit. Hope I can get what I wanted to get her for Christmas then. Maybe I should buy it NOW, so that I have it until Christmas.

And my CD burner doesn't work either. Or else I would have made her a video and burned it on CD. Great, wonderful Kelly. Only because I didn't have money anymore. I'll find something. I'll just have to look closer, and then we will see. It won't be anything what she got me, I hope that will be okay for her... (Not, that she doesn't have any other birthdays or there'll never be christmas again).

I know, some will say I'm 19 but I got Duck Tales today . Rather funny. I have quite a lot of kids movie for my age :P But I won't get rid of them, either. I rather like then :P I even watch them.

 Ah, only 7 days left until my friend from Austria shows up and I'll show her Frankfurt I'm going to stalk the City, the Nidda (a river with lots of green and benches and things Kelly will trip over, as always), the Nordwestzentrum (we'll be there quite a few times).. Let me see. She wants to go to the Zoo (bad Idea. No animals in our Zoo.). She wants to go the cinema (okay, good idea, I love movies ). Shopping, too. And tons of pictures. Oh man, I don't want to think about how many pictures we are going to take of each other. Probally pics like.."Yeah, well, that's how Kelly sits in the tram line" or "Kelly and her favourite Hobby - a Book." "Cindy with the most dreadful hat I have ever seen in my life" or "Cindy in Frankfurt - run for your life" ^^. We are childish But that's okay.

So actually I don't really have anything special to write about right now. Nothing new is happening, no dazzling guys, no new books.. But I'm still reading. Right now it's...."First Truth" by Dawn Cook..

 This is what it's about:

Alissa is a headstrong, pragmatic child of the foothills, whose father has been missing since she was five. One morning her mother announces that Alissa must journey to the Hold, the magical place of stories her papa had told her, where gifted people are trained to be Keepers by the mysterious Masters. Her mother has seen signs that Alissa has inherited her father's talents and must be trained. Against her will, Alissa sets out across the prewinter plains. She meets Strell, a light-hearted minstrel who has a penchant for irritating her, but who has a map. A partnership is born. Neither partner knows that at the Hold the evil Bailic has dispatched the Masters and murdered the Keepers--Alissa's father among them. Bailic wants the book of First Truth, and to rule the land with it. When Alissa and Strell arrive, Bailic soon comprehends that one of them can help him find the book. A beautifully told, simple story that looks unblinkingly at how prejudice unnecessarily reinforces misconceptions, misunderstandings, and hatred.


Can't say anything about it yet. Only read 15 pages.


BUT OH! I almost forgot! I read Breaking Dawn!! And almost everyone told me it's dreadful, but to be honest - I liked it very much. Of course there were some szenes where even I had a funny look on my face. Everybody hated the end, but I do like it. But I'm not aloud to write much about it yet - still have friends, who haven't read it. Damn. I'm dying to talk about it!  

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the golden M, Breaking Dawn & Succubus in the City

So, I actually didn't have any time to write, because of work. I'm fine, just tired, but I'll live

So, some were wondering, how my work place is, what I do, how everything works out. Well, quite a few know, that I work at the golden M. 

I could give you some information about how things run, and in the end, I'll write my personal opinion about it.

Well, we open at 9am. First shift starts at 8:30, you throw on the grills and everything else which is (or seems) important. At 9am usually another person starts his/her shift and takes orders, either through the Drive or in the restaurant itself. Since it's morning, we have the "breakfast time". Either someone carying for a burger at nine o' clock in the morning (...)? You'll gonna have to wait. Everything takes it's time in the morning, mostly there aren't as much customers anyways so we have time to fill everything up for the day (Cups, sauces, lids for the cups, the stuff for the ice cream and milkshakes etc.).

Usually by 11 or 12 another person starts his/her shift. At about 12, suddenly all customers start coming at once, since most people have their break and don't take food to work. And the kids come out of school by 1pm, so it's full from 12-2pm. Of course, nothing is done by then and people have to wait, what they don't like at all (I'll comment on this later). By 2 pm, finally the customers go back to work or go home or anything, and there aren't many there anymore (exept on friday, saturday, sunday, and sometimes mondays. There, for most of the time, it's full all day).

at 3 pm or 4 pm, more people come to work, and it's full again. Now it will be full until about 6pm or later, for most, it's the drive which is full. So everybody has to run around and help each other as much as we can.

There are different jobs which you have to do.

Cashier: You take orders in the restaurant, you put the "food" on the tablet, people always come to you, if they have something to bitch about, or if they need help, or if they have a question and so on. You help them as much as you can, and if needed, you have to go to the Shift leader. You also have to clean up or mop the floor, you have to simply everything.

Drive:  Some don't understand, but I really hate the drive. You need a certain system, and if there are many cars, most likely there is a chance that you'll be pretty frustrated because nothing is ready. Usually, there is the order taker, the runner, and the presenter. In our restaurant, the person at the drive mostly has to do everything - runner, order taker and presenter. Unless the restaurant is empty and someone can help you. Believe me, it's no fun packing 5 menues, while there are 10 cars, or even more, behind the car that gave the order, everybody is hunking the horn and the guy in the car asks you if you just can't pack in much faster.

Kitchen: Almost everybody loves the kitchen -  You don't see the guests, you have your own system, you just make the burgers, the salad, anything for the guests. I never was in the kitchen, so even if they would suddenly send me into the kitchen I would be pretty slow, so the cash-girls would probally scream their lung out because nothing is finished

My opinion? I have been working there for over a year. It's, for most of the time, funny, but the last few months were hard because so many people had vacation and everyone had to do extra shifts. So you had a lot of guests but no workers - tragic. My feet always hurt. The golden M is very much stress, and I mean it that way. People who can't cope with that, shouldn't start there. As a plus, not every guest is nice. They can be pretty unfriendly, and of course, you are certainly not aloud to open your mouth even though you would love to throw the food right into their face. Excuse me, you want to be treated with respect? Why the hell do you treat me like I was stupid or some kind of dirt? People ALWAYS think that we are stupid. Well, we are all educated, but some need money, just like you do, and if it weren't for US, people like YOU could not eat there. Think about that for just one second.

Oh and I love people who make everything dirty and then just leave. I would just simply love to see you do that in a normal restaurant. And do you also do that at home? I mean like, does your mother sweep your floor or something like that, that you drop half of your food or just leave everything on the table (and I don't only mean the tablet, I am also talking about ketchup and stuff like that). What are we, slaves? I mean of course we have to clean, but we mostly work 8 1/2 hours shifts, mostly even longer, we stand all stupid day, entertaining guests, and then you come a long throwing everything on the floor and act like your superman or something like that.

Bitching people because I forgot the sauce: Oh come on. I would like to see YOU work here, standing all day, running around all day, cleaning this and that, listening to all kinds of things and just talk to over a hundred people per day and NOT forget something. I mean, we don't do this on purpose. It's not like we think..."oh damn, I don't like his face, I'm not going to give him his stupid sauce, haha."

And, anybody wondering why we ask if you want any dessert, or anything else to your order and start blaffing "Did I say that?" right into our face: It's our job. We are supposed to do it, and it's nicer to ask if you would like anything else just to know if you're finished with ordering. No need to get mad at us.

So all in all, I think not half of the population could work at the golden M. It's too much stress and people will always think that you are not educated because you work there. For most, some people only work for 2-3 months and then leave, because they can't take it. 


 Anyways, I'm going to my friends house today. Haven't seen her for three weeks, neither of us had time because of work. I wonder what we'll do.

And in August, another friend from Austria will visit me. I'll have to clean up my room (urgh), and also check what I can do with her. She wants to go to the Zoo with me , but of course, that's not the only thing about frankfurt, plus, I would rather go to the Opel Zoo. We'll see. Maybe Barbara is free on the wednesday Cindy is here and we could do something together. I will also drag them both into the Cinema. And it will NOT be Sex and the City. I just can tell you that.

I also started a new book (I'm still reading, but mostly I forget to write them down in my blog - duh). Nina Harper - Succubus in the City. It's kind of funny, at least it's something new and not always the same stuff..

what it's about:


Working for Satan is a hot gig. The Devil really does wear Prada, and Lily can sport all the dazzling fashion she desires, eat all the fabulous food she craves, and hang for all eternity with her three demon girlfriends. But serving up bad boys to the fiery pits of Hell is just getting . . . lonely.

Lily gives the jerks, the creeps, and the liars the best (and last) night of their lives, but she’s tired of waking up to a pile of ashes. She wants a guy who will stick around.


Nathan Coleman is a devilishly handsome, laid-back P.I. who wants to ask Lily a few questions about a missing man. But someone–or something–wants Lily and her friends dead, and Nathan seems to know more than he’ll admit to. Can a sweet-talking mortal and a girl from Hell find true love? 

So now I think there will be an uproar. How just can you read something like that? It has to the with the devil, demons, and it tells you that satan is good lalala. Please - just stop it. I am old enough to read what I want without people thinking of me becoming a devil-worshipper.

Besides, I'm also waiting for Breaking Dawn. I have been waiting for Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer since December. I ordered the book on about the 10th of July, and I do hope that it will be here by the 4th of August or I am simply going bezerk because I want to know how the hell everything will end (even though, of course, I have my theories, just like everyone else.)

 So folks, I'll end here today. You have quite a lot to read. Anyone, who wants to hear more about books I read? Just tell me, I'll post more. I almost have 300 books at home, that'll give you tons of information. Until then, goodbye.

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