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Cindy went back home

So.. My friend from Austria was here for a couple of days. I showed her the places I usually go to, she wanted to see where I grew up, where I used to play, where I hang out when I am sad.

It was quite a lot of fun and I'm sad that she had to leave so early. If she had stayed here for another week, I guess I could have showed her everything of Frankfurt. Oh well. I never ate so often at Subways, lol. Kind of like it, though. Something else than all that fast food crap. Plus, she's a vegetarian, so I ate vegetarian food with her. Quite tasty, guess I could get used to it and I'll cook it more often. Kelly the vegetarian. Not a bad idea, I guess.

So the next few days I have to go to the jobcenter. I'm on the waiting list for the university, but just in case that they won't take me, I'll try to get another job to learn. Oh man, I always wanted to study and now suddenly I have to think of a Job that I want to learn. I have no idea. I guess something creative, or social. I have to wait what the guy at the Job Center tells me, but I hope I'll find something soon.

Hmm.. I don't know my life is kind of boring right now. Exept that I go outside a lot more often. I walk around, I wander. I don't know why I'm so restless, I'm like a cat. I can't sit still and mostly I'm outside to think about stuff.

But I started a new Author. To be Honest, I never read a word of him. I had the book for about a year, I never got interested, but now I decided to give him a try. Christian Jacq. He's not bad, but I only started yesterday so I only read about 200 pages or something.

So, I still have a lot to read. Over 60 books. Damn. But I'll make it. This year, I allready read almost 100. (That's a lot of books, people!)

Barbaras Birthday is getting nearer every day and I hope she will simply love her presents. I hope I won't start crying, like last year on her birthday. It's always that way. I'm depressed, I drink, first I'm happy, then in the end, I start crying. And it's still the god damn reason as last year and I don't understand why even after one whole year I just can't simply forget him.

Don't think about it Kelly.

Ah I know I'm not writing often enough anymore, but right now, there is nothing happening. Only that I mostly can't sleep well, I wander around. I just think too much And... My sister had her second daughter. I'm happy for her! I've seen pictures, and she really is cute!

Oh and now I do know something: Went to the PX today, with my eldest Sister Joy and her husband. I know I'm a american myself but most of the time I just can't help it: I simply roll my eyes when it comes to some americans. Paris Hilfton as a president? Oh come on, give me a break. What's going to happen to the White House, is it going to turn pink or what? Actually, maybe I don't even want to imagine. On MTV there are constantly shows with americans .... Oh man. I accidently flipped on MTV and there she was: New York. I mean ok, could you please show some intelligence?

It's the same with the PX. It's like americans hate Goths even more than germans and think we are all sooo bad. You just can't imagine how stupid they looked at me because I have 3 earrings on each side and totally black clothes with a Blind Guardian Jacket. It has a dragon on the back. They stared at me like I was dirt or something like that. Something bad. Can anyone explain this, please?

Only ONE guy was nice. He asked me how I was doing today and if I like the weather. Small talk. Argh. Honestly, I would love to know what's going on in their head. Everybody who really knows me, also knows my opinion when it comes to america. I have my reasons thinking that way. I don't know how often I had arguments with soldiers. When I went to the consulate for my new passport, I saw this one soldier who seemed pretty proud to wear his uniform. Right on the side this huge poster... "HAVE YOU SEEN THESE TERROISTS?" And he really gave me a nasty grin, that guy.

Wonder when I'll have the next argument with a soldier.

22.8.08 21:18

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