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News? Don't think so.

It's crazy, how much you think about in your life, how much you wish for, and how many things you don't get the way you would like to get them - or you don't get them at all.

Honestly, I've been thinking quite a lot these last few months. ANd now I also have to think of a present for a very very good friend of mine. Geez. It's hard to find something, honestly. It's pretty hard. I get the feeling I have to get her something really good, something brilliant! But I don't know what. Could kick myself. I had an idea, but it would take to long until they send it, and if I do it somewhere else...Heaven knows how much I pay then. I know it's her birthday, but I wanted to buy her other things, too, and that I probally can't when I do it that way. Crap. Damnit. Hope I can get what I wanted to get her for Christmas then. Maybe I should buy it NOW, so that I have it until Christmas.

And my CD burner doesn't work either. Or else I would have made her a video and burned it on CD. Great, wonderful Kelly. Only because I didn't have money anymore. I'll find something. I'll just have to look closer, and then we will see. It won't be anything what she got me, I hope that will be okay for her... (Not, that she doesn't have any other birthdays or there'll never be christmas again).

I know, some will say I'm 19 but I got Duck Tales today . Rather funny. I have quite a lot of kids movie for my age :P But I won't get rid of them, either. I rather like then :P I even watch them.

 Ah, only 7 days left until my friend from Austria shows up and I'll show her Frankfurt I'm going to stalk the City, the Nidda (a river with lots of green and benches and things Kelly will trip over, as always), the Nordwestzentrum (we'll be there quite a few times).. Let me see. She wants to go to the Zoo (bad Idea. No animals in our Zoo.). She wants to go the cinema (okay, good idea, I love movies ). Shopping, too. And tons of pictures. Oh man, I don't want to think about how many pictures we are going to take of each other. Probally pics like.."Yeah, well, that's how Kelly sits in the tram line" or "Kelly and her favourite Hobby - a Book." "Cindy with the most dreadful hat I have ever seen in my life" or "Cindy in Frankfurt - run for your life" ^^. We are childish But that's okay.

So actually I don't really have anything special to write about right now. Nothing new is happening, no dazzling guys, no new books.. But I'm still reading. Right now it's...."First Truth" by Dawn Cook..

 This is what it's about:

Alissa is a headstrong, pragmatic child of the foothills, whose father has been missing since she was five. One morning her mother announces that Alissa must journey to the Hold, the magical place of stories her papa had told her, where gifted people are trained to be Keepers by the mysterious Masters. Her mother has seen signs that Alissa has inherited her father's talents and must be trained. Against her will, Alissa sets out across the prewinter plains. She meets Strell, a light-hearted minstrel who has a penchant for irritating her, but who has a map. A partnership is born. Neither partner knows that at the Hold the evil Bailic has dispatched the Masters and murdered the Keepers--Alissa's father among them. Bailic wants the book of First Truth, and to rule the land with it. When Alissa and Strell arrive, Bailic soon comprehends that one of them can help him find the book. A beautifully told, simple story that looks unblinkingly at how prejudice unnecessarily reinforces misconceptions, misunderstandings, and hatred.


Can't say anything about it yet. Only read 15 pages.


BUT OH! I almost forgot! I read Breaking Dawn!! And almost everyone told me it's dreadful, but to be honest - I liked it very much. Of course there were some szenes where even I had a funny look on my face. Everybody hated the end, but I do like it. But I'm not aloud to write much about it yet - still have friends, who haven't read it. Damn. I'm dying to talk about it!  

11.8.08 23:10

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