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I feel much better today. Yesterday I finished the book "Monster Island". It was okay, but it was in Germany and through amazon.de I found out that was the first part of I think a trilogy. Wonderful, now I have to wait until Part 2 is out in german. So now I started the book "Ancestors of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Since I read "Mists of Avalon", she turned out to be one of my favourite authors. I like the way she writes about strong women, women, who aren't scared to do something in a world where usually men rule. When I was in still in school, I always met girls, who were sticking to their idea of emancipation. But whenever it came to carry heavy things, or do something, what usually guys do, they suddenly came up with sentences like... "I'm a woman, that's too heavy." or "I'm female, you can't possibly think that I will do something like THAT." People, if you are into emancipation and think about woman rights, why the hell do you make yourself so weak when it comes into carrying heavy things? That's really kind of strange, you know.

 Also, I have been listening a lot to Emilie Autumn lately. I like her music a lot, and she has many songs in which her lyrics fit perfectly to me. You see, through listening to songs that I like you mostly can learn quite a lot about me - not, that anybody has ever tried that. Who would listen to a million songs I like, and listen to all the lyrics, just to find out, who I am? That's easy and hard at the same time - too many songs to listen to, and so easy and boring to get to know me quite that fast. But still, I will sometimes try to post some songs. Maybe it gives you something to think about.

Another thing I would like to talk about is mobbing. A few days ago, a friend and I have been talking about mobbing. I don't think that she ever got mobbed, but I did get mobbed for about 8 years in school, and now her cousin has the same problem. Like me, he didn't really want to follow the mainstream, but just be himself. Well, what he got for it, was being mobbed. I can't understand people like that. I have been mobbed for my clothestyle and because of the music I listen to. Isn't that kind of childish? I mean, okay, most people listen to Hip Hop and R 'n' B, and I don't like it either, but do I mob other people about their music style?

I wouldn't even say that I'm goth, punk, or whatever. I listen to too many different types of songs, Oldies, Punk, Rock, Metal, Gothic, Industrial, House - can possibly anyone tell me what I am? I can't, I won't. I would even rather say I am just me, sadly, many teens in Germany seem to think you're a satanist as soon as you listen to Metal and Gothic. I mean, okay. It's not like I think you should be interested in things like Gothic or anything, I don't force people to listen to my music but calling me a satanist is rather poor, don't you think? You know, you should first get to know people, before you make up your mind. You don't have to like everyone, but not everyone is a satanist for wearing black. A other example: In the street, where I live, there is a other guy. I have a bag with a black cat on it. Guess what. "Everyone who has a cat on their bag HAS to be a satanist." and after a minute... "Satanists cut up cats and children" Okay.. WAIT A MINUTE. I have a cat at home - been having her for 11 years now. I never slashed my cat, or any other animal - but of course, he wouldn't care. AND. I thought satanists all have cats on their bag, where is the logic in killing them for rituals then? Maybe I don't really understand him, or is he just really stupid?  Guys, not everyone who listens to Metal Bands or Gothic Bands - or whatever, is a damn Satanist! INFORM yourself, before accusing someone being a Satanist.

Teens in Germany.. O gosh, this is a topic where I could roll my eyes all day. At work, I get to know some of the nicest teens - but also some of the worst.  But every person is different, I guess. But teens are really bad when it get's to mobbing. Either you are like everyone else, or you are a nobody. At least at the German "Hauptschule" and the "Realschule" - I guess something like Junior High in America. The last two years, I was in a more or less good class. At least, everyone exepted each other without bitching each other out. Exept.. for one. But that's something I won't talk about.

5.6.08 13:54

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