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Almost no Time


I'm sorry, I hardly have any time to write. I will have a second job soon, so I'll be working from monday to saturday. The Job from monday to friday is in a school. Rather nice, I think I'll have a lot of fun there. We'll see.

 I so totally became a Death Note fan. The Anime, the movies and now also the Manga. Sadly, part two has to wait until next week (until I can buy it). Damn, I want a Death Note Shirt! But they also cost 25 Euro.

Death Note is about a guy named Light Yagami (I don't like him.) finds a note which claims that any name written in the note will make the person die, when you write down their name and have their face in your mind. Yagami Light uses this Death Note to execute criminals, so a other guy who works together with the FBI, Interpol etc.etc. is getting interested in what's happening and starts searching for Yagami, who is being called "Kira" (Standing for Killer). Everyone knows him under the Name "L" (Oh I absolutly adore L, really.)

You can really see that it's an intelligent anime, even though it has a fantasy story. Both, Light and L are in their way a genius (I still like L a lot more ). 

Right now I seem totally addicted to Death Note. Damn ^^ I need part two of the Mangaaaa!!!

Also, right now I am reading "Wicked". It explains how the wicked Witch of the East from the Wizard of Oz became wicked and why she had to be killed. Also how she got born, her whole life. It's funny and interesting, but still, I will be happy when I have finished the book. I want to reach my goal - reading a 100 books until the year ends.

I counted the amount of books I have allready read this year, and sadly, with Wicked, it's only 66 right now. But I guess that's much more than other people read. I sometimes even wonder how I found so much time to read all that. I'm still dreaming about Death Note. Ah. I want Part TWO buhu.


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Second Opening of Death Note. L my hero! :P

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