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My weekend


I'm back from the weekend. In the End, we turned out to be four. Three people told me they have no time, no money, or that she doesn't want to come. But that was okay, we still had fun. On Friday me and my friend ended up drunk, sitting on a playground and me telling her about my feelings and everything.. It was nice to tell what makes me scared about falling in Love again and what I would like to know, or else - I would like to know what he thinks. I guess, I will find out soon enough.

Saturday we watched a lot of movies - we even watched kids movies The Goonies, The One with Jet Li, Salems Lot (which freaked me out at some parts.. Like the children crawling around in that bus), The little Rascals. On Friday we watched The Last Unicorn and another movie, but I can't remember the Name. We also grilled on saturday, even though it rained. We did have some fun. At night I was a little depressed, to be honest, but then I went to bed "early" and I slept through till morning. Didn't want to have the chance to think negative things, or to think about anything.

So this morning, my friend had to leave early, because she's going to a concert today. I was home at about One p.m., but I didn't feel well, so I just stayed at home and waited to feel better. I just had to much to drink on friday, in a very short periode of time. It took us only 45 minutes to drink almost everything what we had, so there's probally still alcohol in my blood or at least it's still so strong that I get the feeling that I'm sick or something. I'll probally go to bed soon and just try to sleep through or something like that. But really, all in all my weekend was fine, even fun. Better then I expected.

Tomorrow or tuesday I'll probally have to work a few hours but I'll manage. IF he comes to frankfurt on tuesday, he either has to wait or he has to do something else while I'm at work. I don't know the plan for next week yet, since I had the weekend off.

Which is rather funny because they called me friday, saturday AND sunday asking if I want to work. Once they even pissed me off.. "I wanted to ask if you can work" "Yeah well I'm off, I have something to do.." "Oh ok. You want to work in the morning, or in the evening?" wtf? Didn't I just say that I'm off? And I'm like "yeah well all day" and he gets pissed off and just hangs up. Yeah well sorry, if I want to work, I woudln't take the days off. I wonder, if they ever even think logically ONCE.

But Oh well. Sunday, rather today, I told one of my favourite "bosses" nicely that I was off and it was okay for her, she had no problem. But geez - I am soo tired ^^

Today I also registered in a new forum. I hope to learn about a few things and seek to do some things better, and the forum could be a possibility to do so.

Also, I wanted to say that you can feel free to post a comment, I'd be happy about it! 

Well.... Good Night! 

15.6.08 23:50

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